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At Marcus Productions, Inc. you can rely on us to fill your TV Direct Response needs. We provide expert advice and execution. With over 30 years of Direct Response Television Marketing and Advertising experience, we will educate you on just about every facet of Direct Response Television Production Marketing.

Producer Matt Marcus, left, and Director Steve Marcus, right, on location with Billy Mays.

Infomercial Production

We will create an idea; develop a script, produce, shoot, edit and deliver a finished short form commercial or a long-form infomercial.

On the set with Ashford and Simpson, along with co-host Angela Stribbling during the shooting of a Time Life infomercial.

Time Life Music Series

A 30 minute infomercial production for Time Life Music Series.

On location with Barbara Corcoran, from the ABC show Shark Tank.

Commercial Production

Our creative team, headed by director Steve Marcus and producer Matt Marcus, has grown into one of the most successful DRTV Commercial Production Companies in the United States.

1-800-Petmeds Direct Response TV Commercial


Marcus Productions has produced a series of successful commercials for 1-800-PetMeds.

On location with Don Shula for a series of commercials for Humana Health Care.

Television Production

Marcus Productions has directed many national television specials and television series. 

Infomercial for NutriSystem.com


Marcus Productions launched NutriSystem.com with their first successful Direct Response TV campaign.

See More of Our Satisfied Clients

As one of the most successful TV Commercial Production  Companies in the United States, you will be sure to recognize our national work with big name brands such as Humana, Hydroxycut, Hair Club for Men, Toyota, Lancôme, Skippy Peanut Butter, Rain-X, Slim Quick, Time Life, Gummout Fuel Injector Cleaner, Liberator Medical, L’Orêal, Met-Life, Duracel Batteries, Pet Supermarket, Black Magic Tire Shine and many, many more.

The Scoop on Infomercial Production Companies

What to know before deciding on an Infomercial Production Company

When picking the right company, to create your Direct Response TV production, it’s important to know if they have produced any successful infomercial campaigns. You might find a company whose prices are low but you don’t recognize any of their commercials. You certainly don’t want to be another one of their campaigns that didn’t perform. Not every production company understands the DRTV business model.

The company you choose should help with Media, Call Centers, and Fulfillment Services. Please contact us for a free consultation and find out if your product will sell on TV.

A Little About Our Company

Marcus Production, Inc. is a Florida / New York based Television production company located in the Miami / Ft. Lauderdale area and now in New York City. We have a national reputation of being one of the top As Seen On TV Commercial Production Companies and for creating and producing money making commercials, infomercials and TV programming. We have been in business for over 30 years, working with Advertising Agencies and Companies across the country and overseas. Let us help you make your next production.

Our creative team, headed by Producers Steve Marcus and Matt Marcus, has grown into one of the most successful TV Commercial Production Companies in the United States. 

A Florida / New York Television Production Company

With a National Reputation for Creating Successful Direct Response TV / Infomercial Production Campaigns.

How to Know if Your Product Is Infomercial-Worthy?

Steven Marcus recommends a cable test to try out the product’s viability.
Read an article from Inc. Magazine here.

How can we help?

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Our featured Infomercial DRTV Productions

  • MyGeeBo
    • MyGeeBo

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  • Black Magic Intense
    • Black Magic Intense

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  • Buddy Balls
    • Buddy Balls

    • Watch Video

  • Medicare.Com
    • Medicare.Com

    • Watch Video

  • Gumout Fuel Injector Cleaner
    • Gumout Fuel Injector Cleaner

    • Watch Video

  • Rain-X Latitude
    • Rain-X Latitude

    • Watch Video

  • VoidHawk Flashlights
    • VoidHawk Flashlights

    • Watch Video

  • Liberator Medical
    • Liberator Medical

    • Watch Video

  • Tru-Diamonds™
    • Tru-Diamonds™

    • Watch Video

Commercial & Infomercial Production

Steve Marcus discusses infomercial, commercial, and direct response video production. Marcus Productions has a national reputation of creating and producing money making commercials, infomercial production and programming.

What's Happening?

Latest news by Marcus Productions

Infomercials & National TV Campaigns

Marcus Productions has recently produced Direct Response Television campaigns for companies such as Liberator Medical Supply, Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner, Medicare.com, Vita Cookie, Black Magic Tire and Wheel Cleaners and Treatments, Rain-X, Buddy Balls, Tru Diamonds, VoidHawk Flashlights,  Oasis Financial, Fraud Protection Network, and H2Ocean.

We have also produced a series of commercials (national TV campaign) for E-Health and Medicare.com. With an extensive background in the health care market Marcus Productions wrote, produced and shot the commercials on time and on budget.

From Script to Screen

For the Buddy Balls commercial, Marcus Productions wrote the scripts, created original music, shot and edited the production in South Florida. The short form infomercial production runs nationally on all the kid networks.

Read about our latest TV commercial campaigns, short form, and two minute Direct Response TV Productions produced in South Florida below.  Many of our Commercials, Infomercial and Direct Response TV Productions ran nationally on national cable networks. See why so many satisfied clients choose Marcus Productions, Inc., one of the top TV Commercial Production Companies on the east coast, for their projects.


Rain-X Commercial

Rain-X Latitude TV Commercial

Marcus Productions, Inc., of South Florida and New York, producers of TV Commercials and Direct Response Television Productions, have just completed a new sixty second TV Commercial for Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency 2-IN-1 Wiper Blades. For years consumers have trusted Rain-X Glass Treatments to help them see better. Now their revolutionary new blades have the...
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Black Magic Intense

National TV Campaign for Black Magic Intense

Marcus Productions produces a new National TV Campaign for Black Magic Intense Products. Marcus Productions in Ft Lauderdale, who specializes in TV Commercial and Infomercial Production, was taped by ITW to create and produce a new TV Campaign for Black Magic Intense Wheel Cleaner and Tire Shine. Consumers have been using Black Magic products for...
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Rain X Wiper Blades Commercial Production by Marcus Productions

Marcus Productions, Inc. Produces a New National TV Campaign for Rain X Wiper Blades

With two successful campaigns produced by Marcus Productions for Black Magic Tire and Wheel Cleaner and Gumout Fuel Injector Cleaner, ITW tapped Marcus Productions again for their next TV campaign. The assignment was to create a commercial to show how easy it is to buy your new blades at Walmart, install them yourself in less...
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  • Steve, you have a great team there and I loved seeing your vision come to life. It was a pleasure working with you all around.

    Eva Pitts
    Brand Manager, Rain-X
  • Steve Marcus & his production team were a pleasure to work with & produced a top quality commercial for us. His extensive DR knowledge guided us through the entire process beautifully, while always asking for our input every step of the way.

    Chris Pawela
    Advertising Director, 1-800-PetMeds
  • Steve, his in-house team, and the third parties he works with, handled everything including concepts, scripts, casting, location selection, wardrobe, makeup, graphics, editing, duplication, and media buying.

    Matthew Siegal
    President and CEO, Dr. Siegal's Direct Nutritionals
  • Marcus Productions delivers it all, making the unattainable trinity attainable. Their creative and production quality are unsurpassed, they always deliver in a timely manner. 

    Bill Lubic
    Creative Director, Autofix.com
  • Having hosted hundreds of local, syndicated and network television segments, I truly enjoyed my time working with Steve Marcus. Having a professional producer/director involved from concept to completion is the key element between an amateur and a professional TV production.

    Andy Pargh
    The Gadget Guru
  • Steve Marcus and Marcus Productions produced our Ovaltine commercials for almost 10 years up until the time the brand was sold to Nestle. What we liked most about Steve was his ability to collaborate and to work together to achieve a common vision. He and his organization were supportive, creative producers and directors.

    Jeffrey Himmel
    Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Himmel Nutrition Inc.
  • Steve treated this commercial like his own baby. From concept through script, casting, direction, editing until completed video. Steve produced a professional commercial and was involved in every step. His attention to detail was fantastic and you can see that this is a man who loves his work. I wouldn’t consider creating another commercial without Steve’s involvement.

    Neil Kugelman
  • Partnering with Steve Marcus and Marcus Productions provided the knowledge and experience needed to put together a comprehensive and meaningful campaign.

    Jeff Tobias
    Vice President Sales & Marketing, Healthcare Providers Direct