Newest Commercials & Infomercials

evertears commercial production
Marcus Productions, Inc., one of the top TV Commercial Productions Companies, just completed a series of commercials for EverTears. It’s the first at home therapy for dry eyes that combines precise instant heat and gentle cleaning. It helps to retain your natural tear layer to reduce dry eye symptoms. Marcus Productions created the concept, wrote...
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Marcus Productions, Inc. just completed producing a new 60 second National TV commercial campaign for Superfood Tabs. Superfood Tabs is the natural way to reach your healthy goals and are made from 15 amazingly effective, plant based superfoods that help improve your overall health and wellness. Marcus Productions, Inc. has an amazing track record with...
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Marcus Productions, Inc., one of the top Infomercial Companies for over 35 years, have just completed a new two minute DRTV campaign for You Mop, the Worlds First Wireless Mop Cleaning System with Built in Bluetooth Speaker and Three Cleaning Attachments under One Adjustable Pole. You Mop called on Marcus Productions to write, produce and...
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The Kitchen Cube
Marcus Productions, Inc. just produced new commercials for the Kitchen Cube, the world’s first All-In-One measuring tool. It would take 19 measuring tools to do what one Kitchen Cube can accomplish. Our team created the concept and script for the two minute DRTV commercial. Shooting took place in studio on a kitchen set. Our job...
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Fuller Pods
Marcus Productions, Inc. just completed a series of national DRTV commercials for The Fuller Brush Companies Toilet Pods.  A bathroom set was designed built and installed in the studio.  It was a working bathroom with all the plumbing.  We were able to create exactly how the toilet pods work. You just drop it in leave...
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Buddy Balls
Marcus Productions created and produced a new two-minute short form infomercial for The Buddy Ball Band. The Buddy Ball Band is used to increase your range of motion and stability for all your work out moves. It’s great for Pilates, Yoga, and more. Marcus Productions wrote the script, shot and edited the commercials in South...
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Hands Free health
Marcus Productions Teams Up With Hands Free Health. Marcus Productions, Inc. just completed a half hour infomercial for “WellBe” from Hands Free Health, the premier voice enabled personal health assistant. You can ask questions about your medical insurance, get reminders for taking medication or doctor’s visit, track your blood pressure, sugar or weight and much...
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  Marcus Productions, Inc. of South Florida recently completed production of a new half hour national infomercial for Blendtique. Blendtique, as seen on Shark Tank, is an exciting new way to custom craft your very own wine blend. Not only do you design the wine you love, but you can create your own signature label...
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Marcus Productions, Inc. recently completed production of a series of Direct Response TV Commercials for the Primex Elite Fitness Trainer.  Two days of shooting took place in studio and on location. The Primex is a scientifically proven technology that promises to be the most complete and thorough non-impact exercise you’ve ever experienced! . It’s so...
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