Newest Commercials & Infomercials

Buddy Balls Commercial
  Marcus Productions just wrapped production on a new 60 second Direct Response Television campaign for Buddy Balls. Buddy Balls transforms into wonderfully soft, lovable faced Teddy Bears. Marcus Productions wrote the scripts, created original music, shot and edited the production in South Florida. With a house full of kids, director Steve Marcus created a...
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Marcus Productions, Inc. just completed producing a new Direct Response Televison campaign for Tru Diamonds. The ½ hour infomercial production will run nationally. Tru-Diamonds™, with their superior characteristics give you the look, the luxury and the prestige of top grade diamond jewelry without the high price and, as they are produced in state-of-the-art facilities, there...
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Void Hawk commercial
Marcus Productions just completed production on a new TV commercial campaign for VoidHawk Flashlights. This new short form, two minute Direct Response TV Production, was produced in South Florida. The production took 14 hours to shoot with 18 different lighting set-ups. VoidHawk Flashlights use ultra modern high power led and lithium-ion battery technology with dual...
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Oasis Legal Finance | Direct Response TV (DRTV) Commerical
Marcus Productions, Inc., one of the top TV commercial production companies specializing in national infomercial production campaigns, just completed a series of short form DRTV commercials for Oasis Legal Finance. The new campaigns were shot in English and Spanish. Oasis is the largest and most recognized national brand in legal finance providing non-recourse lawsuit funding...
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fraud protection
Marcus Productions, Inc. a leader in Direct Response Television Production has just completed a series of DRTV commercials for the Fraud Protection Network. Last year over 30 million people were victims of fraud in the United States. The Fraud Protection Network offers protection from fraudulent investments and all sorts of scams. Marcus Productions Inc. wrote...
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H2Ocean commercial
Marcus Productions has just completed a new Direct Response Infomercial Production campaign for H2Ocean Sea Salt Heath Care Products. Marcus Productions wrote, shot and edited the series of DRTV commercials. Products included were Nasalzyme Nasal Passage Cleanser, H2Ocean’s Sea Salt Mouth Wash and H2Oceans Healing Ocean a no-stinging sea salt formula for wounds and abrasions....
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Vita Cookie Commercial
We blogged about the new TV Commercial production for Vita Cookie in July. You can read more about the product and see more photos here. Watch the finished product, a 60 Second Infomercial that is currently airing.
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Marcus Productions has just completed a new short form Direct Response TV commercial campaign for Metabolism Fuel, a new weight loss product.  We’ve had great success over the years for NutriSystem, Hydroxycut, Slim Quick, Doctor Siegals Cookie Diet and many more. Metabolism Fuel contains three ingredients that make this product unique. Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea...
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Atomic White
When a Television Commercial Production Company, that specializes in Direct Response Television, was needed to create, produce and shoot the new Atomic White Teeth Whitener TV campaign, Marcus Productions was tapped for the campaign. Atomic White provides the same custom trays used by dentists but at a savings of hundreds of dollars. The Short Form...
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