Buddy Balls

The Buddy Ball Band Will Get Your Heart Rate Up!

Marcus Productions created and produced a new two-minute short form infomercial for The Buddy Ball Band. The Buddy Ball Band is used to increase your range of motion and stability for all your work out moves. It’s great for Pilates, Yoga, and more.

Marcus Productions wrote the script, shot and edited the commercials in South Florida. It was all accomplished in one 14-hour shoot day with a crew of 16. We had certain protocols for shooting during Covid. Everyone had to be tested, social distancing was used and masks were worn. It was a successful shoot with a great finished product.


“Marcus productions helped us to put together an infomercial for our startup Buddy Ball Band. He is very professional and detail oriented and I love how he cares about every little detail that we needed to make this a successful video production. We are very happy with the results and I am sure that we will scale our product with his help and his team. He will go far to help you and also guide you through the process and that was exactly what we needed.”

—Paula Stewart CEO Buddy Ball Band

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